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Tim is a huge fan of various types of figures, such as the Marvel Universe 3.75" series, Q Posket Disney Princess and Harry Potter collections, Egg Attack Iron Man series, the World of Warcraft figures and Transformers action figures to name a few.

As his collection grew, Tim felt that the figures displayed seem to lack depth to them. He wanted there to be more to enhance their beauty than to have them stand side by side in a glass cabinet. With the aid of accessories that were originally meant for other purposes, Tim managed to put together colourful settings that magnified the displays and thus, The Imaginarium was born.

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While working in hospitality, Tillss first came across—and promptly adopted—miniature 1:16 Tabasco bottles, unloved and unwanted in hotel breakfast lounges. This collection went onto various other items like Heinz bottles, Disney characters, Lego figurines, Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees - you name it. She also unabashedly admits that her favourite part of D&D and any tabletop RPGs is the miniatures. 

Having recently stumbled upon the wondrous realm of dioramas, Tillss found herself lacking in miniature props and accessories for her final set pieces. While she is still too shy to showcase any (badly-designed) dios, she is excited to share her stash of diorama props that will inject more life and dimension into your scenes!


430 Upper Changi Road

#01-26 East Village

Singapore 487048

Email :

Mobile : +65 9046 1717



Currently only by Appointment basis. Kindly contact us to schedule a time.

Monday : Closed

Wednesday - Sunday : 15.00 - 20.00

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